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CBD for healthy liver

Research found Cannabidiol restores liver function, normalizes 5-HT levels and improves brain pathology in accordance with normalization of brain function. Therefore, the effects of cannabidiol may result from a combination of its actions in the liver and brain.

Endogenous cannabinoids (EC) are ubiquitous lipid signalling molecules provided by a number of central and peripheral effects, which are mainly mediated by the specific cannabinoid receptors CB(1) and CB(2). Although the expression of these receptors is very low or even absent in the healthy liver, a considerable series of experimental studies and some clinical observations have recognised the EC system as an important player in the pathophysiology of liver diseases.

The EC system is highly up-regulated during chronic liver diseases and, to date, it has been implicated in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, progression of fibrosis to cirrhosis and the development of the cardiovascular abnormalities of cirrhosis, such as the hyperdynamic circulatory syndrome and cirrhotic cardiomiopathy.

Furthermore, the EC system influences the mechanisms responsible for cell damage and the inflammatory response during acute liver injury, such as that resulting from ischaemia-reperfusion. Thus, molecules targeting the CB(1) and CB(2) receptors may represent potential therapeutic agents for the treatment of liver diseases.

 The administration of the nonpsychotropic cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) restores liver function and improves brain pathology in an experimental model of hepatic encephalopathy (brain deterioration due to liver failure), according to preclinical data published online in The British Journal of Pharmacology. If untreated, hepatic encephalopathy can result in coma and death.

An international team of investigators from Israel and Greece assessed the impact of CBD on neurological and motor functions in mice induced with hepatic failure. They reported, “Neurological and cognitive functions were severely impaired in thioacetamide-treated mice and were restored by cannabidiol. Similarly, decreased motor activity in thioacetamide-treated mice was partially restored by cannabidiol.”

Authors concluded, “Cannabidiol restores liver function, normalizes 5-HT levels and improves brain pathology in accordance with normalization of brain function.”

Cannabidiol improves brain and liver function in a fulminant hepatic failure-induced model of hepatic encephalopathy in mice

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